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Week 4 We can not give up implementing Enterprise 2.0 because of the risk

In last post, I have talked about how Web 2.0 tools increase productivity and efficiency. Is there other benefits of implementing Enterprise 2.0? The answer is yes. Enterprise 2.0 has a great influence on business, and many big companies use Enterprise 2.0 to increase its productivity and efficiency,reputation,staff engagement and knowledge.

Austin Hardware  utilized a transparent web 2.0 style system to  increase efficiency and promote staff engagement. As it mentioned in the example, it is difficult for sales people to participate in product development, while their sales people are most aware of customers’ needs. Web 2.0 style system help Austin Hardware reduce more than 50 hours to do research and the convenience of tools encourage sales people to participate in the discussion which makes the product more in line with the customer’s commitment.

Novell is another example of who got benefits from using social media tools. Making Wikis Work at Novell explains the benefits in two level. In the team level, Novell use wikis to increase the efficiency of their software development. In the enterprise level, wikis enables search to quickly provide the most relevant information and resources for the individual. It is very helpful for improve knowledge.

From the examples,we can find that these companies all benefit from Enterprise 2.0 in varying degrees. There also exists some success case showing how Enterprise 2.0 improved firm reputation:

Enterprise 2.0 Success Stories from Awareness



Enterprise 2.0 – Risks

The first risk which is also an organization most care about is security. One of the features of social-media tools is it involves global people participate in, so it is difficult for avoiding information to be leaked externally. Moreover, implementing Enterprise 2.0 may also cause some issues like: Losing control of content, releasing negative information…






Risks of not implementing Enterprise 2.0

If the company put much attention on the risks of implementing Enterprise 2.0 and give up using it, it will also cause risks on not adopting Enterprise 2.0 suck as costs increase, time wasting. In my opinion, organizations should find their ways to adapt the new environment of using Enterprise 2.0 doing business.

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